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One smart tool for all your meetings, podcasts, lectures (think everything audio) in real-time

(no typing required unless you want to)

Build your second brain
for everything audio

Better than Industry Standard

Works well with everything audio and video

Productivity on the go with Synth

Stop wasting your time and stay in flow

No more context switching

Hard to keep up with all your thoughts ? 

Quickly recall meetings, videos, podcasts without having to go through long transcripts or re-watching them with our AI generated summary.

Its like having your own personal assistant

Blazingly fast 1-click notes

Spending too much time writing notes ?

Give your fingers and mind some rest and focus on the moment by capturing important parts from real-time transcript with a keyboard shortcut.

Instant information saving you hours of work

Goodbye to switching tabs

Tired of switching screens while taking notes ?

You don't need fullscreen to take notes. Save up your screen and stay on top of your work through a small, always present floating app, a click away 

Making you a better multitasker


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Corporate Office, # 58 GM Arcade
Kormangala JNC Rd Bangalore – 560095
Karnataka, India.  Ph no. 9821823456

© 2021 Synth AI Labs Inc.

All of this and much more in real-time, so you don't record/re-watch again
Crafted for Professionals

Product Managers

Be present in all the meetings

and never forget the important things 


Choose the right piece of information and clear through the noise

Engineering Teams

Spend less time attending meetings, collating information and more time building


Transcribe and summarize sales calls allowing to transfer knowledge seamlessly


Transcribe and summarize hiring calls and meetings allowing you to speed up your processes

UX Researchers

Focus on your user and let Synth take notes and help unearth insights

Use Cases

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